Our Mission

"To educate the disabled students for the demands of the world they are about to enter and to educate and enlighten the world about the needs of the disabled who are seeking to enter this world with as much independence as possible."



"Everyone has the right to know all that they can know and be all that they can be."

A Message from Chautauqua's Director

At Chautauqua, we are committed to seeing to it that the voices of the disabled are heard, that they are afforded opportunities to contribute to the greater good, and that they are provided with pathways leading to meaningful lives.

Chautauqua is a community of cooperation.  Everyone is treated as an equal and all have jobs to do.  We continue to promote the development of other communities of cooperation throughout Florida and beyond.  Already, Work Force Centers in Florida and the state Agency for Persons with Disabilities have embraced Chautauqua's philosophy and approach.

Here, we petition for new harmony, we are all of us, able and disable, in this together.

Cynthia McCauley
Executive Director